The Water Clinic design concept

In 2014 I was privleged to live with a doctor in the jungle of Peru who was using low frequency Bio-Resonance machines to heal cancer. When I returned home, I thought, How could we do this Bio-Resonant Healing without having to plug anything in? What in Nature produces frequencies? I thought of running water.

Everything that is in motion produces frequency, as frequency is simply a measurement of the speed of the motion. Some frequencies are more beneficial than others for human health.

The Water Clinic is an adobe dome structure designed with sacred geometric vortex math principles, utilising super-conducting minerals as building materials to create a harmonic frequency environment that will heal you purely by just being inside.

Vincent Callebaut

On observation of ancient megalithic architecture, scientific tests have been shown that many structures are producing a highly detoxifying effect on humans due to their crystaline construction materials, internal shapes and undercurrents of water inside tunnel systems. Thus causing miraculous healing of chronic illness due to a high concentration of Negative Ions.

What do Humans need to be healthy?

Water – Humans are made of 99% water molecules. It has been scientifically proven that structured water has a healing and energising effect on humans.. What does water do in nature? It Flows.

Sunlight – Provides us with Vitamin D, one of the essential ingredients to build hormones which act as Messengers in the body, telling the body what to do and when.

Warmth – We have been given a body that runs at 36.7* C. If we go too much outside of this range, we will malfunction.

Breathing – Pulls Oxygen into our Blood. Oxygen fuels our cells and helps provide the basic building blocks that our bodies need to survive. Oxygen is also necessary for constructing replacementĀ cellsĀ for our bodies. Every day, about seven hundred billion cells in our bodies wear out and must be replaced. Without oxygen, our bodies cannot build these new cells.

Cellular Ingredients – Amino Acids, Minerals and Vitamins are essential ingredients needed as the building blocks for life. You cannot bake a cake without ingredients!

Nautilus House | Javier Senosain

Voltage/ Correct pH – Cells are literally re-chargeable batteries capable of storing charge. pH is a measurement of Voltage inside a liquid. Correct pH balance (neutral / alkaline) ensures a functional, healthy body with an ability to produce new cells needed for healing. A low pH/ acidic environment will create an environment of disease.

An Aligned Structure – The human body needs to be free of blockages in order for the water it is made from to flow freely. Any scars, bones, joints or organs out of place will disturb the flow.

Healthy Immune System – The immune system is dependant on proper cellular ingredients so it has energy to perform it’s function.

Happy Mind and Heart – Emotional balance is one of the most important factors for human health. Long term emotional turmoil will eventually affect the chemical compostion of the body resulting in ill health.

All of these Life factors can be measured as outputs, seen in electrical and magnetic fields.

It has been shown when the heart and mind are in coherence, instant healing can occur. Given the right climatic environment (human system in balance), the healing will be long lasting. Yet, if the Root Causal factor is not addressed and the Mind Set left unchanged, the potential for the return of imbalance is probable.

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The Water Clinic is a training centre. To teach people healing through experience while educating them on how they participate in their own healing process. The body is designed to heal itself naturally, and when people understand this, their Self Healing ability is revealed as they realise they are in fact their own doctors. People are a part of Nature and nature is designed to Survive.

The clinic rooms link into the central water tunnel. In the ‘one on one’ sessions, personal attunements are made with regards to; Body Work to align the physical structure; Emotional/ Traumatic release; Core Temperature Regulation, among many other needed therapies and assessment of dietary and lifestyle needs for re-balancing. This is preparatory work so energy (water) may flow when the client arrives to the Centre of the Water Clinic.

The centre of the building contains the structured, crystaline water flow system basked in light, high in Negative Ions. The purpose is to achieve a smooth and relaxing harmonic alignment of all cells after the body, mind and emotions are ready to let go and enter into a new way.

We could call this Re-Programming.

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The main feature of the Water Clinic is Amplification through Harmonic Resonance. When frequencies are in resonance, they synchronise, thus making the frequency stronger (amplification). As humans have senses, the potential for layering frequencies would be first made through motion, sound, sight, smell, touch. Through the layering and matching of resonant frequencies, we may create a specific environment to re-tune the client back into Harmony. The aim is to do this in the most peaceful and beautiful way imagined.

The client will lay on a treatment bed above the water flow. The gentle motion of ‘structured water’ flowing beneath the treatment beds is amplified by the sun, filtered through coloured glass ceiling that matches the frequency of the water. The treatment beds are constructed from certain minerals that enhance electrical and magnetic energy flows, known as Super-Conductors. Sound and scent may also be harmonised in this field.

This water flow is the central core of the building. As everything that flows is alive, this building is in fact alive, aligned in geometric harmony and communication with natures ways, creating an earth cymatic – a pulse. Nature does not produce straight lines, nor a ‘one fit for everyone’ system. We are designed to be in a Bio-Feedback Loop with Nature. We are meant to talk with our environment!

There is truly something magical and scientifically evident in the effect of ancient crystaline tunnel constructions merged with water flows and light.
These effects have been measured to have piezio-electric outputs.
As humans are basically; water, minerals and light generating electrical and magnetic fields measured as frequencies, these basic constructions are our keys to unlock sublime harmony in the most calming, and gentle ways for healing and happiness!
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There is no pushing or pulling in a Harmonic environment
Let Nature Flow Within You and from You