Working With Me

I get Great Results for women and men with varied issues as I work with 3 Main Principles



Detox What? The things that are Blocking you up.

Cold – over consumption of cold food and drinks, swimming while menstruating, sitting or standing on cold surfaces; there are many ways cold can get into our bodies. Our human system is designed to function at 36.7*C ish. We are also made of mostly water. Imagine what happens when you freeze water? No circulation, no fire energy to the organs. Resulting in Pain, organ problems such as period pain and indigestion, feeling cold and slow circulation.

Toxins – The lymphatic system is designed to move toxins out of our body to be processed via the Liver. It is a slow moving system and can get easily blocked up if we are not doing regular exercise or self care to move our bodies. Lymphatic Drainage is essential to get our body back into gear and clear out the rubbish!

Stored Emotions – getting to the root of many issues we find blocked emotions. Childhood pain, traumas, accidents, family lineage, past lives, spiritual anomalies; everyone holds something inside they would be better served to be released. Many physical issues have a direct root in the emotional field and our organs store specific emotions.

Scars – think of scars like icebergs; what you see on the surface is about 2/3 bigger below the skin surface. A scar is the result of the connective tissue reforming to heal the body but it can cause a block in the flow of water through our meridians. This results in poor organ function and body circulation. Scars can be healed.

Adhesions – similar to scars but more to do with the internal landscape of our body. Adhesion means for something to stick to something else. This can happen internally between organs, ligaments and other structures sometimes twisting things up inside and limiting circulation to organs and other areas of the body. This can happen if we have had operations, accidents, emotional blockages and diet imbalance.


When structures such as the spine and pelvis are back in the right place, energy may flow freely to the organs and meridian systems via the muscles and nerves. This is done through Ligament Release and gentle Joint Manipulation.


Cellular Ingredients – our cells require Vitamins and Minerals to create the Building blocks for life. Herbs, supplements and diet changes can provide us with the essentials we need to run our cells.

Cellular Voltage – all cells behave as small batteries capable of storing electrical charge. If we run low on charge, our whole system suffers. Please see my TECH page for more information!

Circulation – can be restored once the Blockages are cleared and the Body is aligned. Energy can flow freely through the body so the body can do Normal!

Fire and Water Balance – We require a fine balance of Yin (water) and Yang (fire) energies. Too much in either direction can cause imbalance. Water provides cooling, lubricating, slowing; while fire activates body processes, warms us and moves energy. DRINK MORE WATER!

Clear Outlook on Life – After the emotions that were held within are released, the cellular memory can be reset through a re-framing of the past events. Sometimes this involves a bit of timeline changing where some interesting results can occur!


I prefer to work in longer more intensive sessions. In this way, we can achieve a lot to bring about a lasting change in a short space if time.

‘From the moment we are born, we begin to heal’ – Gregg Braden