Hi there, welcome to my place!

Hello dear gorgeous human.

My name is Ana.

I practice many forms of healing based on 10 years of research into the field. I began study in 2009 and am still updating daily. I have studied Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management, Traditional Chinese medicine + Acupuncture, Qigong + TaiQi, traditional Maori RomiRomi+ MiriMiri, Zero Balancing for joints, sound healing and studied with masters of bio-electric medicine and Wise Womens Wisdoms.

What I have noticed is that healing is not complicated, but it is detailed.

When I realised just doing acupuncture was not giving me the results I expected, I traveled the world to learn many things. I have been so blessed to meet Soul Family teachers whose knowledge I have condensed into my own protocols of treatment. My focus is on getting the most effective result in the shortest time possible for the person I work with.

Holistic medicine is just that – whole. Therefore, the whole needs to be addressed. In these times of modern deficiency, our human family is deprived of so many ingredients we used to have Mother Nature provide us with.

Sunlight, clear water and nutrient filled food is actually not so common place at this moment! But, these are the real elements that run our vessels. So, what do we do?

We are beings made of 99% water molecules. Water is programmable. Water needs to be structured to be functional. Water carries energy, blood and electricity (Qi). As humans as water, we produce and conduct electricity which produces magnetic fields. A distorted cell or molecule will produce distorted fields.

How do we fix it?

We have to clear out Toxins from the body, which is also emotional baggage stored in the body.

We have to Re-Set the body. In terms of Core temperature and correct alignment (structure, organs, ligaments), anything twisted up inside needs to be untwisted and the body must be not too hot and not too cold in order for the water to flow in harmony.

Then we must Restore Normal. This means putting in Nutrients so cells have the ingredients to do work which make Energy. You cannot make a cake or bread without appropriate Ingredients, or hope to cook anything in a Cold oven (your Stomach) – raw food people pay attention…

What I have discovered is that human cells store charge like batteries -in four places inside the cell. Just like a battery, our cells need a certain amount of voltage to get the job done. As observed, a low cell phone battery will not upload a Net Flix stream, your cells on low, will only be doing slow functions.

This is why I use PEMF and the MWO to charge up people on a cellular level. I regard Voltage like Food and Herbal Medicine, as, we are basically human electricity conductors made of water and minerals.

As this is a new website, I will be working on it daily to fill it up with great information for you as a compilation of my years of research and strange happenings…

Who Is In Charge Of Your Body?
Parents, Teachers, Doctors, Gurus, Healers, Governments, Gods?
No. It’s YOU. Only You
There Is No External Authority

acupuncture | lymphatic drainage | pelvic alignment | scar therapy
cellular resonance | temperature regulation | pulsed electro magnetic field therapy
sound+light therapy | traditional maori mirimiri+romiromi | spiritual anomalies
guiding awareness to self healing + mastery of your human hologram

BHSc Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture | DIP TaiQi and Qigong

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