The Knowing Place is Your Palace Within

October 2019 | En route to Singapore | Writings on the plane

The Roots of all problems are the same.

Whether it be vaccines, infertility, digestive dysfunction or mental imbalance, aSll imbalances arise from; the Toxins we ingest; the lack of Ingredients (physical, mental, emotional); the loss of connection with the Light and the Land and the Water we are built from.

All has been poisoned and we are suffering the symptoms.

There is no mental illness. Only a lack of Ingredients – Care/ Love and Nutrients.

When we stop communicating with Nature, it stops communicating with us, on all levels.

We do not have to fight against enemies. There are ways to engender the re-structuring of Humanity through Care and Effort. This energy input must outweigh the effort put into the perspective of The Battle. For, there is No War, only a call back to the Simple Way.  Which is a subtle dis-engagement from the Battle mind, to create, a Nature Way.

The real power is to step away from the Ego who needs to win something, to be right, to be best, to conquer.

Generate, focus, create, support.

While knowing these warring forces exist, we must give them no Mind, No Fear, No Food.

They come in subtle disguise, so be Aware.

The difference to be distinguished is Focus. Focus on the problem or the solution – which then leads us into the Rabbit Holes of the mind traps.

The way is to know how to expose the traps, for we all fall into them on the road of investigating reality.

The word is Discernment. Based on quiet Knowing – the Keys to the Castle, where our wisdom is held within our DNA Secret Memory.

Seeking this or that magical remedy or special medicine is a rabbit hole. Because in fact, we can re-program anything with our Intention when it is is Unified with Feeling and Motion.

The Seeking is the Rabbit Hole!

Any diet, fad, trend, spiritual investigation, or religion –  is only the Pathway to understanding one’s self. It is not the Solution.

The Solution is to Know with Knowledge, How to Practice.

This only comes through Experiences, in Union with the Light, the Self and the Land.

So, Bury Yourself inside Your Knowing Place.

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Energy is a non polarised resource

My FaceBook Post in response to the Cornona Virus lockdown

All energy is only transmuted, recycled, and therefore can never die as it only changes form via pressure state inside an environment. We can see this as cool water boils, rises to vapor steam, then it cools; only to fall down again and become water.
IF, we can see that energy potential in different states of being is only a resource, then, we may be able to comprehend how we spend and use it.
iF we reframe out perspective outside of emotional reactions, we may observe a vast resource is in our hands.
The resource is Global Reaction Fear State. Magnificent! What a supreme collective pool of Unity Energy.
IF, we can see the emotional state as a pure resource, we then may Tap that resource. It’s ours. We made it. Let’s convert it.
HOW? By bringing it as close as possible to you. Fear. Of this imagined illusory state of loss and scarcity. The financial system of slavery that tricked us all into debt is closed. We are brought to NO choice. And indeed we ALL asked for it for so long. We ARE experiencing our OWN Creation!
So, IF we are experiencing our own Creation as Creators not quite yet realising that we fucken did it; is it not right to now Own our Creation on display and take the lead?
We made Unity Mind to stop the system. And we are shocked. The system is done.
We have been trained to follow orders, all the while, beaten into submission with daily thoughts of escape.
Our most powerful imagination is a reality constructing tool to be Weilded. And we killed the system. It is Done.
My friends, the higher Observer part of us has been triggered to the piece inside of every Spirit Soul.
This Energy Resource WE in fact generated is Ours to do want we wish with. The Egragor of Human Spirit has been ignited.
The Fear is an Energy Resource.
Imagine; fear as it realises it is an emotional fuel based on a lie, can be reinterpreted and translated. This fear energy feels like freedom. Because, we are all affected, at once. Like a blast!
So I ask you… How do you feel generally after Fear has passed by in situations in your human life? Well, there is relief, stability, calmness and ever growing sense of joy and Freedom as the Fear State passed away.
I encourage you All to Time Travel into the near future and Create with your Conscious Creator Imagination Architect Child Playful Self; and Feel what is Feels like to be Free of the Global Liars System.
FEELING is our fuel in the human system. It Creates Reality.
We asked for it. We got it. Now it’s time to use our self created resource to make a feed back loop into our own Beauty.
This fear is a resource. Imagine it like oxygen and food… Gather it up inside you, drink it, and flip it on its head. Any fear is now called love, and it feeds me as Love and laughter. After that, it becomes a slideshow. Because it is a side show to My Life as a Creator.

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